Building communities with a commitment to the future.


Tennssor was created to offer transformational solutions to coastal, infrastructural and logistics sectors. With agility, collaborative synergy and local insight we have surged ahead to become a leading force in the region. We have built our portfolio by offering end-to-end solutions, customised for each project, fuelled by our global expertise. Over the years the company has spearheaded landmark projects in the Maldives ranging from Airport development to shore protection, dredging, reclamation, surveying solutions to leading hotel projects and infrastructure developments. In every project our cornerstone has been to offer more value and efficiency to our customers through innovation and unparalleled quality. We do this keeping our communities in mind and being committed to their future.


Hassan Shazly


At Tennssor, we don’t take your trust in us for granted. We believe that, the most priced business commodity is Trust

Ahmed Michael

Managing Director

I believe in building legacies and keeping humanity at the core of everything we do

Ibrahim Akhmeem


Resilience, collaborative strength and innovation are a big part of our growth story


Build a legacy driven by the Tennssor’s core values and philosophy



Community development
Hire locally
Create local homogeneity
Bring projects to the islands
Be committed to the future of the islands

Our synergy

Global partnerships

Our culture

A Maldivian heart that understands the islands and is committed to its future

We embrace

Communities to thrive

Our passion

Belief in our enabled work force

Our future

Surge ahead through sustainability and innovation

We innovate

Creative approach fuelled by resourceful insights

Our edge

Global expertise, Maldivian insight

Our belief

Creating value for our customers

We are Driven by

Quality, integrity and expertise

Tennssor Stories

Building the infrastructure of Maldives

The Maldives has had a strategic importance because of of its location on the major marine routes of the Indian Ocean. Apart from tourism, marine business also is an important source of income which led to a great spurt in the infrastructure sector in recent the years. With reclaimed land turning into testing grounds for

Maldives tourism tennssor

Tourism with a commitment to the community

Crystal clear waters and pristine sandy beaches conjures up a picture perfect tropical holiday to Maldives. The island nation has been on the “bucket list” of many tourists from around the world and with the advent of homestays, guest-houses, hostels and experiential living, Maldives has become a primary destination for vacationers of all kinds. In